Field Directory

All Field conditions will be updated on this web site when possible, along with coaches being notified. It will be the coaches responsibility to notify their teams due to unplayable field conditions.
Behind Ben Franklin Middle School
6403 Mill Creek Rd Levittown
Parking is limited to the school parking lot, THERE IS NO PARKING BY THE FIELD OR CANTEEN

210 Red CedarDrive Levittown Pa
Major Field......Located in front of the Canteen with 2 story clubhouse behind home plate
Minor Field.....Located closest to Oaktree Section against Red Cedar Drive 
Pony Field.......Just off Red Cedar Drive near the roadway as you enter the main parking area.
Softball Field.....Located just past the Major field in the back.

Main Parking Area.... On the upper portion of the complex towards the school. Best parking for Major, Pony and Softball fields, Clubhouse and Canteen.
Secondary Parking Area....On the lower portion of the complex towards the Oaktree Section. Best Parking for Minor field and Softball field.

******* Handicap parking is closest to Canteen beyond the barriers in marked spots.********
******* All parking is at your own risk. Balls tend to leave the playing area. Use caution when Parking. Levittown United cannot be responsible for any damages. ******

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Levittown United Little League

International Field - 6401 Mill Creek Road, Pacific Park - 210 Red Cedar Drive
Levittown, Pennsylvania 19055

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