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Mar, 2024


This year we will be marching in the St. Patty's ay Parade. We would love to have a great showing for Levittown United Little League.
We are meeting behind Conwell Egan High School on Wistar Road by no later than 10am.
The parade will end between 11;30-12:00. Parents can pick up their children at the end at the Pennsby Field on New Falls Rd near the old location of the Bowling Center use to be.
We should have 2 trucks with trailers and ask everyone to bring candy for the kids to throw to the people watching the parade. 
Parents may join us for the walk will also help to watch the kids.
We ask that all the kids wear a uniform from past years or a baseball shist of some kind. Keep in mind the weather could be a factor so wear a sweatshirt under the t-shirt if needed. 
Younger kids will only be released to the person who drops them off if not accompanying during the parade.
Any questions email us at [email protected] 

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Levittown United Little League

International Field - 6401 Mill Creek Road, Pacific Park - 210 Red Cedar Drive
Levittown, Pennsylvania 19055

Email: [email protected]